Drink Lewes Dairy Milk - Fresh from the Farms of Delaware

Welcome to LEWES DAIRY

Today, the family-run company is best known for its old-fashioned ways of producing some of the freshest milk, cream and egg nog found anywhere. As long as there's a market for fresh, local product, Chip Brittingham, President of Lewes Dairy, says he believes the Lewes Dairy will continue to operate into its fifth, sixth and seventh generations and beyond.

"We have a good local name," he says. "It sells itself. If we can keep the product we've had for years, there will always be a market for it."


  • Produces fresh milk products and markets related commodities
  • Processes 30,000 gallons of milk each week
  • Employs 21 people
  • Obtains most of its milk from Sussex County independent farmers
  • Distributes products throughout Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore
  • Is noted for its Egg Nog bottled between Thanksgiving and New Years
  • Is famous for its fresh, heavy cream preferred by chefs at points as distant as the nation’s capital
  • Is one of two small, family owned dairies in Delaware, numbered in the hundreds in past years (the other is Hy-Point Dairy Farms in New Castle County.)
  • Is remembered for its motto: “Buy it by the Gallon”
  • Is considered “The Little Dairy That Could” by the Brittingham’s
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