Drink Milk - Straight from the local farms of Delaware

Products from Lewes Dairy

Fresh Milk

  • Gallon: Whole, 2%, 1% and Skim
  • 1/2 Gallon: Whole, 2%, 1%, Low-Fat Chocolate and Skim
  • Quart: Whole, 2%, 1%, Chocolate and Skim
  • Pint: Whole and Low-Fat Chocolate

Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream is available in Gallon, Quart and Pint sizes.

Half & Half

Half & Half from Lewes Dairy is available is Quart and Pint sizes.

Egg Nog

Lewes Dairy Egg Nog is available in 1/2 Gallons and Quarts as well as a 2012 Holiday Pint Bottle.

Available between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Lewes Dairy also offers other products such as iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch, orange, grape, and eggs.

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